Just Two Friends Who Don't Know What They're Doing

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We are just two friends who found ourselves repeatedly on the phone discussing the many topics of starting our entrepreneurial journeys.  We found value and inspiration in sharing best practices, learning lessons, accountability tasks, and so on.  We wanted to share this helpful content so we said "what if we just hit record"? 


With that one simple question, The Dumpster Fire Project was born.  Even if it wasn't polished (I mean we put the disclaimer right in the name) we still had value to offer and simply needed to start somewhere, no excuses.


Through recording our conversations, we set out to provide a unique value and create a community of like minded people.  We are capturing our full journey, so anyone can connect and grow with us.  Simply join in at the point of the conversations that resonate the most with where you are in your own journey.  This provides a real time perspective rather than the look back once we've "made it".

Along the way our network expanded in a way that allowed us to have access to other great inspiring entrepreneurs, adventurers, out-of-the-box thinkers, punk-rock business leaders, and more.  These additional voices provide many different perspectives and points of inspiration that we knew had to be included.

Come along with us as we embark on our entrepreneurial journey!