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I am a certified law enforcement instructor in the state of New Mexico.  I believe there is a better way to do law enforcement training.  A more valuable, less boring way where officers are engaged in the process and courses are packed with high value takeaways.
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Murray Swoish

Your operations should run at Full Volume.  We can help get you there.
We listen to customer pains and create custom solutions for exceptional people.  We're dedicated, honest, and fun.
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"What if we just hit record?"


This was the question asked during a late night phone call where we realized we were comparing best practices, learning lessons, inspiration, accountability, and most importantly having fun!


Even if the execution was going to be a complete dumpster fire, we knew we just had to start as we had value to offer by documenting our real time journey into becoming entrepreneurs.

Along the way we invite guests to share their stories and expertise.

Film Reel

We might not be the handsomest guys in the room...


As the podcast grew we ventured into vodcast.  We understand the power of visuals and how video provides a platform to make an even stronger connection with an audience. 

We wanted to make sure we were providing the most value to our listeners so the obvious next step was to break out the video recorders.

Rock On

The Dumpster Fire Project may have started out as two friends hitting record to start a podcast but has turned into so much more.

After many advancements in our own adventures as well as all the connections made through our amazing guests, The Dumpster Fire Project has become a community of entrepreneurs, adventurers, out-of-the-box thinkers, punk-rock business leaders, and more.

We continue to build the community to better serve you.  Click the button below to learn how you can become a member of this elite group of individuals.